North Woods Golden Dream Thank Yous

North Woods Golden Dream - Thank You! #1

Events don’t just happen. They take planning, preparation, funding, organization, coordination, and people willing to take responsibility for all these things. We will be posting several “shorter” Thank You posts instead of one massive post. Before we begin we apologize if we miss thanking someone by name. Please know that if you contributed to making this event happen, either by taking the lead for something, following a leader, seeing a need and doing something, or being an attendee, we appreciate and thank you from the bottom of our very tired and happy hearts.

Baroness Aliyah and Baron Aindle

NW50 Thank You! #2

Thank you to TRHs, Prince Louis LeCoffrier and Princess Sadb ingen Donnchadha for their taking the time to attend Golden Dream. The presence of Royalty at an event always adds to the specialness and you made an already special day even more so.

NW50 Thank You! #3

Thank you so much to the former Barons and Baronesses of North Woods who, by their attendance, made the event so very extra special and touched so many hearts with their words and presence in Court. You are all inspirations.

Thank you to the Canton of Weadlake for sponsoring our Golden Dream. We are grateful for your always unwavering support and encouragement. Thank you to THL Odelia of White Waters, Seneschal of Wealdlake, who found such appropriate site tokens and helped at Gate. Thank you to our Exchequer, THL Aine O’Connail, who makes finances and the associated paperwork a dream instead of a nightmare, ran Gate for the entire event, and provided the amazing and beautiful Maple shortbread cookies for dessert at feast.

NW50 - Thank You! #4

Thank you to Baron Aindle (NW) for wrangling Breakfast on the Barons into reality. Thank you also to HRH Louis (Baron of Roaring Wastes), Baron Angus (2nd Baron of North Woods), Baron Honda (Baron of Carraig Ban), and Baron Olafr (Baron of Cynnabar) for being such good sports and for suppling and cooking breakfast meat and pancakes for all. Thank you Baroness Meabh ingen Carthaig and Lady Thorny Bodvarskona for stepping in to help with the dishes and clean-up (and yes, the men all helped with cleaning up breakfast, too!).

Thank you to Baroness Catherine of Deva for taking on Lunch Tavern and providing a mid-day meal perfect for the weather of the day and all who helped: Mistress Gwynnyd, Mistress Artemesia, Baroness Ciara, and Lady Rosalyn.

Thank you to our Feast Steward, Lady Helena Falkenstein who rose to our challenging request of a “North Woods” Feast and outdid herself with a five course meal that did not disappoint. Thank you to THL Morgan Endstarre and Lady Keegan the Swift for their gift of 50 bottles of Swift Starre Saffron Mead for feast and to all those who helped: Mistress Jervisa Wainwright, Lady Keera of Altenberg, Lady Guda Fuchs, Lady Dana, Lady Rosalyn, Lord Lambert de Penrith, and Sir Mieczko.

Thank you to Dame SaehildR barngodthR for organizing Pastries with Peers for a sweet treat of a Sunday breakfast and all the Peers who provided pastries: Baron Angus/Baroness Ciara, Mistress Anthoinette, Mistress Gwennyd, Mistress Artemesia, Master Kaz, Sir Mieczko, and Sir Criomhthann.

NW50 - Thank You! #5

Thank you to THL Damiana Isabel Cardona , Curator of the North Woods Museum (and teacher for the Embellishing Your Garb class). Thank you to everyone who supplied all the amazing items that were on display.

Thank You to THL Siri Toivosdottir who coordinated the Craftperson’s Green, organized and directed all the music for the event, and wrote and performed the new North Woods Anthem. Thank you to Sir Mieczko for his amazing performance and revival of the Men of North Woods song.

Thank you to Mistress Anthoinette de Martel and and THL Johnnae Ilyn Lewis for creating and overseeing our Subtleties Challenge.

Thank you to Dame SaehildR barngodthR for creating and running the 4 Question/1 Answer Quest and to Lord Thomas for his willingness to run Kubb even though the weather had other ideas.

NW50 - Thank You! #6

hank youT to all our Marshals In Charge, Lady Celina Dawen (Archery), Sgt. Vigfuss Mjoksiglandi (Armored), Lord Lambert de Penrith (Rapier), Lord Ivarr of Altenberg and Lady Alanna Fitzgerald (Thrown Weapons), Master Nyilas Kazmer “Kaz” (Youth Armored) for smiling through the weather and for running amazing lists and lines.

Thank you to all the others who helped: Lord Wolfrick of Donnershafen - Armored Inspections; Lord Horatio Archer - TW Royal Round; and Countess Aibhilin, Jarl Tarquin, Lady Endlin, and Lady Elizabetta - Archery.

NW50 - Thank You! #7

Thank you to Canyden for his assistance setting up the event ALL day Friday. Thank you to THL Finnian MacFinn for bringing and helping set up the armored list. Thank you to all those who saw things that needed to be done in a building and did it before leaving, we so appreciated it. Thank you to Sir Einarr for returning on Sunday just to help clean up and to Baron Angus/Baroness Ciara for staying to help with clean-up, and to Sir Criomhthann/Baroness Sadb for going way above and beyond staying to help with clean-up (and to Alex Shazam for his patient waiting).

Thank you to the Emrich Retreat Center for allowing us to overrun their facility with all our glorious and amazing folks and activities. Shari Spencer (Site Admin) you were amazing and made everything so easy and welcoming.

And last, but not at all the least, Thank you to everyone for coming to Celebrate North Woods Golden Dream with us. Thank you for participating in the planned activities, for smiling, for talking and laughing, for sharing your stories and talents, for giving of your time.

Baroness Aliyah and Baron Aindle