Aliyah's Wedding Day

or A Medieval Wedding

On the sixth day of the week, the twenty-fourth day of the month of June in the year of our Lord, Jesus Christ, one thousand two-hundred eighty-one, the era according to which we reckon here in the village of Howell, Lady Aliyah bat Asriel ben Gilead (pronounced Ah-lee-ya bat Az-ree-al ben Gil-lee-ad) graciously wed Áindle Ó Diarmada (pronounced on-lee oh deer-mod-a). Due to circumstances that Áindle welcomed after Aliyah had burned his breakfast, dinner and supper for a week, they got married with just 3 weeks preparation.

The following are the story and documentation for the Medieval wedding that was performed at the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest Medieval Village in 2006.

See the page On Purchasing Camels for the true story of how these two met 25 years ago and ended up together - as well as Lady Aliyah's mixed up version of the meeting titled On Family Trust.

For an example of what the request for the hand of a fair maiden would be like, see Áindle Ó Diarmada's Request to her Guardians - Baron Angus and Baroness Ciera- for Aliyah bat Asriel’s Hand in Marriage. (Although they had been legally married for 25 years, Aliyah thought it would be good for Áindle to have to think about why he wanted her. The Baroness convinced the Baron to go along...)

For the required grant of permission, see the Marriage Contract of Aliyah and Áindle.

For the ceremony that was used, as well as the needed items, procession order, etc for the wedding - see The Big Day.

The Medieval Wedding Album gives you the idea of a medieval wedding as the artist got his 'sketches' to 'canvas and oils' so we could post them here.

Oh yes, they are living happily ever after (at least Aliyah is not burning Áindle's meals.)

Marriage in the Middle Ages leads you to pages describing the results of the research by Aliyah on medieval weddings in general.

All the research you find in this website was done by the Bride - Lady Aliyah. Her resources and references are listed on the Resources and References page.

Aliyah's wedding

Marriage in the Middle Ages