Baronial Champions

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, we have selected two champions for each category. Due to the suspension of activities during the recent plague, we are retaining our champions.

North Woods 50th Golden Champions:

Our baronial champions became members of our Baronial Brigade when they no longer served as our champion. Below is the list of those who represented the Barony of North Woods as the Barony's Champions during our term as thrown weapons, armored, archery, arts & sciences, service, rapier or equestrian champion. Some served in more than one area.

Baronial Brigade Members

Orn of Altenberg, Renee of Starleaf Gate, Lucien of Ealdnorwuda, Kata Aragunnrsdottir, Sugawara No Tokinira, Ruric Brathlidski, Morwenna Lynn Llydaw, Lambert de Perreth, Helena Falkenstein, Roderick McKraken, Canydan Scott, Keaghan the Swift, Octavio Gonzales de Castile, Sæhildr BarngÓðr, Thomas Wolfhart aka Bloodwulfen, Alonso del Mana Negro, Kestral Altara von Barton, Vigfuss Mjoksiglandi, Horatio Archer, Brutus of Altenberg, Owen MacDonald, Nigellus le Haite, Einarr Dunwulf Björnsson, Bjarg Kormaksson, Ívarr of Altenberg, Bryn Archer, Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar, Siri Toivosdotter, Anthoinette de Martel, Damiana Isabel Cardona, Maximilian der Zauberer.

Below was our process for selecting champions. This is retained as historical information.

After long thought and deliberation Baron Áindle and I have decided the following regarding the selection of our Baronial Champions (Adult and Youth).

The Baronial Brigade is a new group we have established. Adults and youth in who we see Champion potential will be invited to join throughout the year. In the event that a Champion is not present at an event and we find ourselves in need of said Champion, a Brigade member may be asked to serve as Champion for the day. (Note: all the brigade members served as a Baronial Champion.)

Baronial Adult and Youth Champions Schedule

Thrown Weapons Champions - Battle of the Inland Seas

Armored Champion - Tyger Hunt/Ale to the Victors

Archery Champion - Call of the Waterhorse

Arts & Sciences Champion - Grand Tour/Herald's Pointe and Scribal Collegium

Service Champion - Wassail

Rapier Champion - Pentamere Academy of Defense

What we expect from our champions (Adult)

What we expect from our champions (Youth)