Baronial Border War Cup

When attending Clancy Day as one of our first events as Baron and Baroness, Baron Raymond of Andelcrag greeted us excitedly. He stated he had something to show us. He later explained that while going through the inventory of items passed to them as the new Baron and Baroness, they discovered this cup. Based on the writing on the bottom, it was prepared for the 14th Baronial Border War. As ot had both Barony's heraldry on the cup, Baron Raymond suggested we pass this cup to the victor of Baronial Border Wars to display until the next Baronial Border War. Aliyah and Áindle both agreed this was an excellent idea and proposed the loser would provide a beverage to fill the cup. We also agreed to have a toast to the two baronies at the beginning of the day to kick things off.

The Barony of Andelcrag won the first year the cup was the award, so until we won; we could not take pictures. As we won this year we have the pictures for the populace to see this wondrous example of the skill of SCA artisans. The inscription on the bottom indicates the cup was made by Lady Rhignnon Duncan of Buckhaven and Lord Wolfgang Von Blackhawk.

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View of cup from North Woods Heraldry and Heavy sword side

View of cup from Andelcrag Heraldry and Rapier sword side

View of cup from Three Walls Heraldry from Arrow/Archery side

View of cup from Three Walls Heraldry from Axes/Thrown Weapons side

View of cup from bottom showing Makers Marks

View of cup from top to complete set

According to the populace directory database:
Lady Rhiannon Duncan has passed away. She in addition to her AoA received a Purple Fret in 1999.
Lord Wolfgang von Blackhawk received in addition to his AoA a Cavendish Knot in 2003.