Alianor bat Asriel, Baroness of Court of Dag and AnneMarie SCA Resume

known as Lady Aliyah

Once upon a time a young student at a university located in Dearnn Ansilet was invited to attend the meetings of a group called the SCA. She remembers well noble lords practicing swordplay with Freon-helms and carpet armor. She was chatted up by the ladies about the care and feeding of sheep, sheep shearing, wool carding, spinning, dying, weaving, sewing, and other social options. After a few months, she decided that perhaps this group was a bit much for a busy, financially bereft young student. Many years later, upon moving with her young family to the Wealdlake area, the SCA appeared once more. Remembering her experiences in Dearnn Ansilet, she was resistant for a good many years. As time continued, the opportunity to join was presented over and over, and her good husband was very interested, and (after many sad looks and heart rending sighs) with the added charm of the members of Wealdlake, he finally succeeded in convincing her to try again. Áindle and Aliyah and their four daughters began by helping at the Michigan Challenge Balloonfest demonstration in 2001 and then became members in 2002. Two of their daughters are still very active members in the Middle Kingdom: Dame SæhildR barngoðR, and THL Bryn Archer while a third daughter resides in Calontir.

Alianor bat Asriel became the Historian and Archivist for the Incipient Canton of Wealdlake and compiled their “Great Book” for consideration of full status; which was finally granted after 17 years, on September 21, 2013, at Rose Tourney. She is a staunch supporter of the Arts and Sciences and has served as the canton’s Minister of Arts and Sciences and as the North Woods A&S Champion. Aliyah has hosted several A&S days and scribal evenings, arranging for and/or teaching A&S classes for these activities and other events. She has run Smelly Science at It Takes My Child to Raze a Village (ITMCTRAV), locally and Pennsic edition for six years. Sh has taught multiple classes at Pennsic University. She has served as kitchen staff and kitchen steward many times, as well as Event Steward for Ale to the Victors and The Golden Dream. In addition to over 200 scrolls, her artwork decorates many of Baron Áindle’s wood working projects including the North Woods’ thrones and table.

SCA Hobbies

Scribal work, research, sewing, cooking, silk banner painting, Aliyah’s Aromatics (which include Bruise Butter, Sore Muscle Rub, and period milled soaps)

SCA Awards

North Woods Awards

White Wolf, Northern Stars: A&S (3) and Service (3)

Cynnabar Award

Order of Saint Barbara of Cynnabar

Outside of the SCA

Marilyn has a BA from the University of Michigan. She has been a stay-at-home mom and a working mom. She has worked in food service, retail service, and been a before and after school latchkey/enrichment director and substitute teacher. For the last 21 years she has worked as a chiropractic office manager in Brighton. She was a member of the Howell JC s, a Girl Scout Leader for 7 years, and a BoD member for Brighton’s Own Livingston Players Community Theater Group.