Áindle ÓDiarmada, Baron of the court of Dag and AnneMarie Resume

Áindle ÓDiarmada became the Pursuivant/Herald for Wealdlake in 2002 and retained that position to 2018. He is still a Herald-at-large. As the canton herald he visited Herald’s Pointe at his first Pennsic (2005) to see what could be done about Wealdlake’s missing name and device submission. The canton’s issues aside, he came home excited to make similar services available to the populace at a local level and Wealdlake’s Herald’s Pointe was born (2008) when the canton was looking to host “an event that was not already being done.” In 2010, the Scribal aspect was added to the event. Áindle was the Event Steward for this event for 10 years. In 2017, he was approached by the Kingdom Buckler Herald and asked if he would relinquish the event to become a Regional one.

He has been Wealdlake’s Webminister since 2003 and served as the North Woods Webminister from 2007-2015. He was the Pentamere Fenris Herald from 2016 to 2019. Áindle is most often found on the rapier lists where he wields both sword and marshal’s baton. He is also an authorized armored fighter and very much enjoys being a Siege Engineer, favoring the ballista. He has been part of the battles with siege weapons every Pennsic he has attended since 2006. Áindle is also very helpful around events, pitching in when help is needed in the kitchens, with set-up and tear-down, and running general “OMG” errands. He was invested at the Baron of North Woods at It Takes My Child To Raze A Village in 2018.

SCA Hobbies

Wood working, cooking, collecting the stories and history of North Woods, copper jewelry making, Archery, Thrown Weapons and Darts

SCA Awards

North Woods Awards

White Wolf, Northern Stars: A&S (2), Service (3) and Martial Arts (3)

Cynnabar Award

Order of Saint Barbara of Cynnabar

Outside of the SCA:

Outside of the SCA Mark has a Master’s Degree in Information Assurance from Eastern Michigan University and holds the CISSP certification. He now works as an Program Support Analyst for the State of Michigan after surviving the economic pitfalls of having his last three employers close their doors. He is a member of Infragard and the SANS Institute. He is the Webmaster (pro bono) for several 501c3 groups. He has been a member of the Howell JC s, BoD member for Brighton’s Own Livingston Players Community Theater Group, and a Girl Scout “Cookie Mom” (with four daughters it was inevitable).