I am Aliyah's registered Service Animal. I accompany her to SCA events because she can get distracted by all the medieval wonders and fascinating people and forget to take care of herself. It is my job to alert her if she is potentially going to experience a medical crisis. I'm usually a dog of few words, but if I'm barking or agitated toward her, please feel free to help me do my job and make sure she is okay.

I love seeing my special friends at events and new friends are great too (more hands mean more pets), but please ask permission before you touch me. Aliyah is very nice about giving me short breaks to be social.

I know I have a cuteness factor that is off the charts, especially when wearing my Dragon garb, but I'm not allowed people food. I try to be a good boy, but if you offer me food, I can't resist. So, please help me stay out of trouble by not offering. (Chewy has food allergies and is on daily allergy medicine.)

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