Chewy's Persona - Monsieur le Dent

Heraldry: On a dog's paw print purpure a drinking horn inverted Or

I am currently working on my persona story. As you can see, I am watching dogumentaries on television to find just the right choice. I watch the Pirates of the Caribbean dogumentaries as I am leaning toward Pirate as I like to "GRRRRR".

Or maybe I can be a general as I like to bark orders!

I do like being a little Midrealm dragon - especially on cooler days. Dragons get to ROAR and curl up and sleep a lot with their treasures, which I can do very well.

However, no matter what persona I decide on, and even though I have my friends like Brutis, Owen, Lucien, Kata, Baron Max and Baron Eamon, and I can have fun at events -

my first and most important job will always be as my Lady Aliyah's bodyguard.I am her certified medical service dog, which why I joined the SCA to be near her when she is distracted by all the wonders of the SCA and warn her when she is in trouble. After all, some one needs to take care of her when she forgets to take care of herself and that is ME! (Áindle is often fighting or doing Baron-y things so is not around to protect her.)


Chewy PAW award

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