Gloss of Scribed Letter of Intent

Greetings to Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses, Their Excellencies and the good nobles and gentles of North Woods, and all who hold interest in these matters.

We, Lord Áindle Ó Diarmada and THLady Alianor bat Asriel, humbly and boldly present ourselves for consideration as heirs to the Barony of North Woods. The lineage of the Barony of North Woods, the oldest Barony in the Middle Kingdom, is esteemed and exceptional: from Baron Sir Thorvald inn Grimmi/Baroness Signy Dimmridaela to Baroness Roxanne of Bloekmedwe to Baron Angus Gove MacKinnon/Baroness Ciara McRobbie to Baron odo de Eau/Baronessa Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar to the current guardians of the North Woods, Baron Maximilian der Zauberber/Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel. This lineage has established a measure of comportment and service which will take no small effort to equal. We feel we are able to put forth that effort and are willing to invest ourselves, our time, and our talents in working for the good of the Barony, the Kingdom, and the Dream. We would be proud and honored to be entrusted with the care and representation of this most noble Barony to the Crown and to bear the tidings and wishes of the Crown to the people of the North Woods.

We are proud to be members of the premiere barony of the Middle Kingdom. Sometimes what comes first falls behind and we feel that this has happened, quite unintentionally, to North Woods. It is our hope to be instrumental in restoring that which is North Woods, to polish her until she shines as an inspiration so she may stand proud in service to the Dream. The legacy we hope to follow is worth continuing and we will strive to do so by presenting North Woods and ourselves in the best light possible; by listening to the concerns and opinions within her borders and representing them honorably and honestly to the Crown; by imparting the words and wisdom of the Crown to the edges of her borders; and by giving no cause for apology, shame or grievance. We want to create a presence and image of North Woods so that its populace is proud to proclaim themselves North Woods – a venerable presence worthy of a premiere barony.