Order of the Howling Wolf

Let it be known that on this, the XXIX day of September, A.S. LIII, on the occasion of the Coronation of TRM A'Kos and Bella of the Middle Kingdom, that the Order of the Howling Wolf was established and is to be considered the Highest Honor of the Barony of North Woods.

Induction into this Order shall be based on the candidate's history of comportment, participation in, service to, and support of the Barony of North Woods and its Cantons.

The induction of Companions into this Order is at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness of North Woods with recommendations from the populace and support of the Order. After the induction of the Premier Companions, this Order will be considered a Polling Order.

Whereas, from the beginning of time we have recognized honor, virtue, leadership, and service with sundry tributes and remembrances, so let such be recognized now. Numerous commendable actions, done repeatedly and for a significant period of time, benefitting the Barony of North Woods and its Cantons, and thus for the good of the Middle Kingdom, have been the contributions of these nobles gentles to the Dream. Words alone are insufficient to express our gratitude and thanks for their devotion, loyalty, and deeds. It is, therefore, only fitting that they be recognized for their efforts with the highest honor the Barony of North Woods has to offer.

We are immensely pleased to welcome

Master Nigellus le Paite
The Honorable Lady Katherine of Deva
Hawkland Moor

The Honorable Sargent Bjarg Kormakson

Dame Kriemhilt von Ebersberg
Fearann na Criche

The Honorable Lord Finnian McFinn

Lady Celestria de Cranham

into the Order of the Howling Wolf
as the Premier Companions of the Order

Order of the Shimmering Leaf

Let it be known that on this, the XXVII day of October, Anno Societatis LIII, at The Grand Tour - A Taste of Thirteenth Century Europe, the Order of the Shimmering Leaf was established as an Arts and Sciences Award of the Barony of North Woods.

Recipients of this award are being honored for their research, trials, accomplishments, and/or contributions within the Arts and Sciences community of their Canton, the Barony of North Woods, and thus also to the Middle Kingdom and The Dream. Whereas, these noble gentles of North Woods have given of their time, skills, talents, knowledge, and creativity in pursuit and support of the Arts and Sciences; they are most worthy and deserving of acclaim and honor. We are honored to recognize the following gentles of North Woods as the Premier Recipients of the Award of the Shimmering Leaf.
(and Recipients to be added after award is presented to them)

Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel
Hawkland Moor - Music and Dance / Penta Pentamere

al Shyka JahanAra bint al-Yehya Amat al-Hafeeza
Ealdnordwuda - Research and Support

Sargent Octavio Gonzalez de Castile
Wealdlake - Leatherwork (posthumously)

Lady Arriss End Starre
Fearann na Criche - Cooking